is a worldwide treasure hunt where the clues are hidden in six timed released hand crafted NFT creatures

Each Cryptic Creature NFT contains three puzzles which, when solved, reveal 3 words of a 24 word seed phrase.

By gaining access to all 6 NFTs, and solving the puzzles, you will be able to discover 18 of the 24 words.

The 6 remaining seed words are distributed in different continents around the world, in public view*.

The seed phrase provides access to a wallet containing a % of the total sales value of the Cryptic Creatures NFT family.

You'll need an Access Pass to get started. This provides immediate access to The Forest - a restricted site where the the game takes place.

There are a limited number of Free Access Passes available for pre-game airdrop

250 remaining

After the airdrop Access Passes can be purchased for $20. Access passes can be sold or transferred with zero royalty fee.

The first Cryptic Creature NFT
will be minted March 1st


One Cryptic Creature available at auction

72 hour auction


on-chain bidding

The winner of the auction NFT gets immediate early access to the first puzzles, in addition to receiving a physical copy of the NFT which contains one of the 6 "missing words".

May 4th

Cryptic Creature #1 on open sale

1000 DGB​

500 max supply

smart contract sale

Owners of the remaining members of the family will get access to the puzzle.

Free Access Pass Airdrop ends in

Airdrop complete


Can't wait for the airdrop?

You can get an Access Pass immediately via smart contract by sending 10 DGB to


only send funds from a DigiAsset v3 compatible wallet

To play Cryptic Creatures you'll need a DigiAsset v3 compatible wallet​

v3 compatible wallets

DigiAssetX Web Wallet (PC + Mobile)
DigiAsset node + DigiByte Core (PC)

non-compatible wallets

DigiByte Mobile Wallet
Any other multicoin wallet
sending v3 assets to these address may result in them being burned

Dont have Digi-ID? Download one of these free apps:





*Winners of the auction assets get one of the ‘missing words’ included in the physical artwork that they receive.

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