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Hombre de Colores – Original Artwork

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Daily Painting 16032021
Gouache, Oil Pastels & Watercolor Pencils.
With wax medium for archival protection.
Certificate of Authenticity.
Paper size A3: 42 x 29.7cm / 190grs.
SALE 250€
Available in my Shop.
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Hombre de Colores by Litca 2021

If you want to watch the process videos of Hombre de Colores, go to the links below for the 2 parts: and

I had a great process for this piece, I started painting with my giant Chinese brush to have 2 color brushtrokes on the paper in different places.

Next I started to sketch his eyes and face with a watercolor sienna pencil, drawing the rest of the face and hair, this is when I check the proportions of the whole face.

My favourite part is to combine and add the oil pastels, with them I can blend and find the light, medium and dark tones by just adding different colours. Then I work on the eye expression and lids with color pencils.

The hair part is done by scratching with watercolor pencils how you want it to be, curly straight or wavy, I like this method because other colors show up on the background of the oil pastels.

Now it’s the necks turn, I have to add oil pastels colors and mind the face shadow, so I go with the pencils and blend everything on the neck and face.

Time to mix some white Acrylic mixed with water for all the lights, sparkles of the eyes, and background. I wanted the background to be really white so the man stands out, so I applied white to all the background, adding 3 layers. I’m happy with the result.

I hope you like it!

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